About Us


We started out like a lot of you, we wanted to be the best version of ourselves. After extensive study and research, we realized that the road to optimum health led to a plant-based lifestyle. 


Our backgrounds and passion for great food and life force us to seek out the best dishes, ingredients, and experiences. We took notes on what we loved and what we would improve. 


Just over 6 years ago we hosted a "meet-up" in our Tampa home and The Vegan Gents were born. 

We love helping people get the most from their own unique plant-based journey. Today, we are blessed with over 1,000 members on Meet-Up who share our passion and love for The Art of  Vegan Cooking.

The Vegan Gents now offer a variety of platforms to deepen your love of all things vegan. Whether you got into this journey for health reasons or because you want to practice a Cruelty-Free way of living, we welcome you to our community.

As we grow, our voice and platform will grow too. We hope to share more aspects of our lifestyle to help you get the most out of a life lived with great taste.


Manny & Danny



Danny comes from a background steeped in luxury. He brings that element to The Vegan Gents, where he is always on the lookout for new ways to help you live life to the fullest and with great taste.

He is a master at understanding people and the cultures they represent. He incorporates this diversity into our teaching techniques and recipes. 

Danny's stamp on The Vegan Gents is evident in the way we present our courses and the aesthetics of our events and products.



Manny is a Nationally Certified Fitness Instructor and Health Advisor. He's actively studied nutritional biology for the last 10 years, both before and after becoming a vegan.

He helps The Vegan Gents approach the plant-based lifestyle from a position of sustainability. His passion for health and wellness have led us to always be mindful of our choices.

Known for curating the best quality of ingredients from sustainable sources, Manny excels at making complex dishes accessible and healthy.