Rule of thumb: One of the main reason for failure is an inadequate or accurate understanding of your bodies necessary requirement beforehand.  

Ask any Vegan and they'll tell you, being Vegan isn't synonyms with being healthy, in other words,  unhealthy and malnourished vegans DO exist.


Below are some great tips and links so you can get a better understanding of where to start to know what your specific bodies need and possibly counteract an unhealthy approach. (As always, consult your doctor for specifics surrounding medication or diet changes).

If you do nothing else besides this one suggestion you will be far above most who simply jump in.

Know what your body needs: No two bodies are identical and although we are vastly similar we do have our own unique markers.


With this being said I have attached links below that will give you a general idea of what your bodies minimum requirements are based on information specific to you. Please keep in mind that this is merely a tool or guideline, not a definitive response to your specific needs. Consulting your Doctor or nutritionist will give you more accurate information. 

Links: (PETA)  (USDA) (Dr. GREGER) (PCRM) 


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