Becoming Vegan already has it's benefits and pressures, taking a stance against anything in the "Norm" almost always puts you at the forefront of debates and sometimes uncomfortable conversation.

So let's see how we can better prepare ourselves.


After your Jr Vegan has answered question 1 & 2 and feels ready to participate (if ever) in the Vegan Journey we offer this as a source to help prepare them for the road ahead. Although beautiful can be unfamiliar.


So to prepare our kids we will help them choose the role if any, they choose to play within the Community. This will surely help them navigate the thick terrain of veganism. 

My advice is to make it personal. What I mean by this is have them choose a role that is in their "interest wheelhouse" meaning if they are musically gifted or part of a music organization such as choir or band then perhaps they can promote the cause with their musical talents.


Finding other musicians, local or online is a great place to start. Perhaps throwing a hyper-local, small get together and performing for an audience with the intentions of promoting veganism, may be one option. Creating a Vegan Music Youtube is another great expression (monitored if necessary) 

Another great option is for the Jr Vegans who are great writers or simply enjoy writing, these little ones can start a Blog related to Veganism from a Kids perspective (we need more literature from their eyes). There are many FREE blog sites such as  Blogger.Com. This gives them creative freedom to speak in THEIR words and from THEIR point of view.


Perhaps your Jr Vegan loves photography, in this case, Instagram is a great place for these little ones and can be monitored whilst allowing them to express themselves in a way that stays true to their ideas and allows them to flex their talent muscles in a healthy and productive way.

The entire point of this section is to help you when guiding your Vegan Jr to finding, not only their voice but also their role in their newly announced Vegan path.


Remember that only you and your Jr can determine the readiness, if ever for them to take an active role in the spreading of the Vegan culture. 


If you have any question or need any additional advice click the let's chat button or click HERE.