4 Ingredients Coconut Strawberry Ice-Cream


Serving Size: three 6oz

Time: 20 minutes with Ice-Cream Maker

Time: 3 hours with a frozen bowl




13.5 oz coconut cream

3 Tbsp maple syrup (1 ripe banana)

1 C frozen strawberries

1.4 C melted Coconut oil

Pinch of salt




1: Add all ingredients except the Coconut oil into the blender and blend for 1 minute

2: Whilst blender is blending add in coconut oil and blend for 15 seconds


3: Turn on Ice-Cream maker and pour in the blender mix

4: let Ice-cream churn for 15 minutes and serve.


**If using a frozen bowl instead of an ice cream churner, pour content into the frozen bowl, place the bowl in the freezer and stir every 30 minutes for 3 hours allowing air to fluff up the ice cream.


Chef Notes


1: If using a frozen bowl, place it into the freezer for 1 hour before starting recipe

2: Strawberries can be replaced with any other frozen fruit

3: coconut should be melted but not hot.

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