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Enjoying The Pleasures of Socialize is To Enjoy The Pleasures Of Being Human.

Don't Believe All The Hype! With The Right Tools Being Vegan Is Just Like Any Other Major Decision You Make In Life. Rule Of Thumb, Always Take It One Day At a Time and Question EVERYTHING you Thought You Knew about the way we eat!

At first glance, When you first decide to join what I call "The Vegan Compassion Project" it can seem like a bag of mix messages or one that is perceived from a very limited perspective.

This quick read will give you a few tips on how to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Tip 1: Don't go at it alone.

Having a support system, Friends, family or other Vegans will greatly Increase your success rate. So read below on how to

grow your support group and keep it strong.

  1. Do research and get your story straight: What I mean by "get your story straight" ask yourself Why you are Becoming Vegan? Is it for environmental reason, ethical reasons, health reason or d) all the above. Contrary to popular belief, there is no wrong answer here. Everyone will automatically begin to ask questions both in judgement and many in curiosity, as to be expected of any change in our cultural circles. You don't have to know ALL the answers, and to be honest you may never know all the answers. Just understand the main reason why YOU believe this change is relevant in your life today and you'll walk proud and confident and become a leader willingly or not.

  2. Use your resources: If you're a social media buff join a few online Vegan groups and forums. ( , Instagram, Facebook Etc.) There are so many people that have gone through this exact scenario for over 60 years, from all walks of life and may different cultures. And the best part is that we are eager to assist and share. One day you will too.

  3. Confidences and knowledgeable: Once you feel confident that this is the next journey in your life, invite a few friends or family members over for dinner and present them with an amazing menu that Vegans and Non-Vegans can enjoy consisting of a nice range of easy to make dishes from TheVeganGents.Com Use the outline below to ensure there is a nice range of food so to please the entire pallet from all sides. We want our guest to indulge and understand that Vegan doesn't equate to a lack of delicious indulgence and a pallet pleasing meal. a) Appetizers (Bruschetta Kalamata) b) Main Course (Jackfruit Carnitas , Sesame Avocado Burritos ) c) Desserts (Raspberry Chocolate Mousse) d) Cocktails, Coffee & Drinks (Cappuchioons, Mocktails, Infused Watermellon Water)

  4. Toast to the new you: Now that everyone is comfortable and have already began to dive into the appetizers stand up for a toast and break the beautiful news. "The Food you will enjoy is all Plant-Based and I am Vegan" Ok, Ok it's not that dramatic but if it could be, do it!

Tip 2: Keeping Up With The Joneses

Pleasures like Socializing play a huge roll in our modern society, so any sudden change in lifestyle can truly effect these pleasures.

Read below to learn how to enjoy life's pleasures and the friends that will continue to bring you joy.

If going to restaurants are part of your normal socializing behaviors, then follow this quick tips to help the process be smooth:

If possible always call the restaurant beforehand and inquire about Vegan options.

Most likely you may have to give them a quick breakdown of what a Vegan is without being pretentious and arrogant.

This takes less than five minutes and saves so much time and awkwardness later.

If you call and there is absolutely no chance of you eating here (because the restaurant just can't guarantee you a dish, don't worry we got you covered. As unusual as this may sound, eat ahead of time and order a simple salad. Doing so will allow you to enjoy a delicious cocktail or coffee whilst enjoying the pleasure of great that company and conversation with those amazing friends.

Worse case scenario you helped in the educating of a restaurant of knowing what being Vegan is and next time it'll make it easier for the ext person.

I conclude this with saying that any sudden change on routine, lifestyle or journey can appear difficult for us everyday people. But with a little bit of knowledge and a few tips and support we can get through almost anything if we work to support one another.

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