To Soy Or Not To Soy...Ok, How About Chocolate?

Updated: Oct 14, 2018

Shall We Be Bad Today, Maybe Decadent Or Silky, Perhaps Warm and Full of Antioxidants? That's Right, Today we Indulge in Our Raspberry Chocolate Mousse, This One Is All On Us.

Non-Dairy & Absolutely Delicious Vegan Raspberry Chocolate Mouse
Non-Dairy Raspberry Chocolate Mouse

The Sage Of The Ages, The True Teacher Of History.

What Can a 3,000-year-old bean teach us?

When it comes to soy, the jury is always still "out". But until we decide, let's enjoy some Decadent Raspberry Chocolate Mousse, on me.

To use something from over 3,000 years ago, reconstructing it into a Decadent Chocolate Mousse & then top it off with warm raspberries, what can’t soybeans do? Well, I suppose they can’t Babysit the kids?

There appears to constantly be a passionate dispute encompassing the advantages of soy or lack thereof, " too much is too little, too little is too much". Science provides us with data that supports both arguments and will continue until “science” isn’t produced from a biased perspective...and as long as humans perform scientific research we will continue to receive data from that biased perspective, it’s called being human.

However this piece isn’t a debate towards the former or the ladder, it’s an impression on how we humans succeeded in transforming an ancient bean into several delightful recipes, such as Silken Tofu, Smoked Tempeh, Spicy Soy Chorizos, Chocolate Milk, and my favorite... Raspberry Chocolate Mousse.

Humans have a unique quality amongst the animal kingdom, we attempt to challenge what’s right in front of us and see beyond it's limitations. We see a paper by looking at the pith of the papyrus plant or sweet delicious syrup from noticing a clear sap dripping from a maple tree, we notice potential where many see stagnation. What makes us even more unique amongst our fellow beings, it's not that there ARE choices, because every living thing HAS a choice in some regards, but that we can see the opportunities in those choices and decide which one best fits what action to take next to develop our level of both satisfaction and continuation.

Remember you don’t have to have unique skills, training, knowledge or even money to enjoy life. You as well as 7 billion other humans where born with this uniqueness, you just have to make a decision to believe in it and go with that decision and never be afraid to question everything to learn something.

So to conclude: Because one person was able to see a unique and often untapped excellence called "human innovation" we now get to enjoy Raspberry Chocolate Mousse made With Beans found thousands of years ago infused with a little Chocolate topped with raspberries to make what we now call Dairy Free Mousse.

So next time you see a block of tofu or a soybean, just think....what can I do with this?

Click Here for Recipe

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