Alice, The Door Mouse & Cheshire Cat….But What happens if the Mad Hatter comes back?

These days Gathering friends to enjoy a meal can leave you as Mad as The Hatter.

How To Throw A Vegan Party With ALL Guest in Mind

When Crazy Seems To Be The Only Solution Assume The Role & Amazing Party We Shall Throw.

Maybe it’s all the different diets, allergies or types of batter. The Choices of linens, flowers and who to invite, do I serve alcohol or save that for the night?

What should I cook and what do they eat? This is the question that keeps me from sleep.

One way or the other the party must go on...So stay tuned and come night, you’ll be singing the celebratory song.

Follow these steps to ensure the success that if the hatter becomes Mad you’ll have room for another guest.

Step1: Decor and Design are first on my mind, this will lay the foundation for a party and a delightful time. If the theme is Tea then 6 is plenty, no more guest them 3 + 3 for Tea, please. Maybe a birthday dinner is what we celebrate, then set the table we shall, making room for 8 because anything more is a crowd.

Step 2: The guest, the guest are next on the list. For a party to run smooth consider this. Who will sit where and what shall they bring, if they bring anything will it clash with the theme? Perfect planning is always planning for more like if they bring an uninvited guest there’s plenty and more.

Step 3: The Menu, The food and maybe some booze. The inspiration from the pallet is what sets the mood. Will there be Tapas or little bites to eat? Consider step four and you shall see that in the end, Happy they all shall be.

Step 4: RSVP’s, food diet & Allergies. These are the crown jewels so that everyone leaves pleased. The parties for you but your guest are there too so write cards that say “here’s what in this food. To take it further for those more specific, consider making exceptions and a few special dishes. Like gluten free and no Dairy please, follow this to a satisfaction guaranteed.

Step 5: Music and Entertainment now that sets the mood, after step 1,3, 4 and even 2. Think of a love movie and how you feel, do you want your guest to fall in love with the night and even more with your meal? If excitement is what you aim to achieve, then play upbeat music that makes them tap their feet.

So I leave with this note and here I’ll conclude follow these steps and always have fun with your food.

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