Welcome to April 1st, 2021: National Buritto Day

With so many companies all over the world, Vegan and Non-vegan, such as Sweet Earth ( We now have a bridge between our recent past and our future with fewer and fewer excuses available.

Humans are feeling much more confident they don't have to sacrifice taste for that stirring in their stomach saying " I know I should try harder".

When my family first became Vegan, it was a struggle and a lot of adjustments were made daily. However a few months into the world of Plant-Based cooking we create The Vegan Gents and a few years later hearing about this thing called The Impossible Burger release was the highlight of our month, and being that our company is based around homemade Vegan dishes from scratch we were obviously excited to see how this would impact our current recipes and creativity and it complimented these dishes perfectly i.e. Tacos, Lasagna, and Stuffed shells.

We were surprised to discover just how close to the "familiar" thing the Impossible Burger really was, both in texture and taste. Moving on 7 years into the future we enter 2020 and the world went still, forcing more and more people to challenge their "easy access" diet and exercise beliefs and look for alternatives. With more of us forced to stay home with nothing but TIME and FOOD we collectively increase our fat intake as a species and exercise less and less. Making a realized just how convenient a healthy lifestyle may have been for millions of us.

However, now that we are in 2021 and the world has started to go outside and moving around more, we are taking a hard look at how we as humans have impacted and will continue to impact the world, positively and negatively. So many of us are falling victim to shame and guilt and to be honest with so many resources, this could not have happened sooner.

The point is that we're looking very hard for ways to be intentional, and ethical towards each other and the planet as a whole and I believe Vegansimn may be that answer.

Becoming Vegan in 2021 has never been easier and I can't wait to hear about the challenges and successes we all face together as we move towards a more intentional, conscious, and aware existence where Vegan JUST MAKES SENSE!

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