What Makes The Portobella "The Queen Of The Scrooms"?

Updated: Oct 14, 2018

Creamy, Succulent, Anti Aging and Delicious?...Yeah, I'm talking about a Mushroom, but not just any Mushroom.

The Seared Portabella, with a Creamy Peppered Guacamole

You're In The Company of Royalty, Act Like It!

I call her "the Queen of the shrooms" and a title earned. Maybe it's her rich and complex versatility that brings forth the flavors screaming towards your palate or maybe the surprising health benefits like the Anti-Aging effects from the Phytochemical or Maybe it's just the way the juices get locked within, just waiting for the first piercing of the crispy flesh. Either way, the flavors are relished the moment the meal begins to the very last morsel.

The Portobella has been gracing our plates for over 100 years and yet her origin is still a mystery.

The Vegan Gents continues this tradition & encourage you to do the same.

So without further adieu let me introduce you to our Seared Portabella, topped with a Creamy Peppered Guacamole served between 2 pieces of toasted Focaccia.

Remember you're in the company of royalty so treat yourself as such.

Click Here for Recipe

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