When making a big change or gesture in your life it's important to have at the very least an outline to answer the question, WHY?

To assist the Vegan Jr's in our lives, we want to help them think critically and come up with the best possible reason for this change. Keep in mind that this answer almost always changes over time.


Below are a few primary examples within the community as to why you may decide to become vegan. I categorized them so that it may help you sort out YOUR outline and better answer the question of WHY.


The list below is but a short one and your reason may be "just because" for now.

Ethical: Ethical vegans are those who have been introduced or made aware of the unethical treatment that animals have experienced and have decided to take a stance on a personal level and in many cases globally. If you choose to start your journey as an Ethical Vegan then know that this definition will vary from person to person as EVERYONE has their own journey and so won't you. It's ok to get inspired by others in the world and how they choose to participate from an ethical perspective, however, just know that only you can decide what works for you and only you. Question 3 on the learning page outlines the ideas of participation.

Health: As your body changes you begin to become more and more intuned with what makes you feel good and what doesn't. Becoming Vegan purely on the basis of health is very personal to you and will result in a change that only you can feel, with that being said finding like-minded Vegans in this sector of Veganism is possible but no two experiences will be the same, and perhaps knowing this will prepare you for the times you seek to connect with others who share your reasoning. it is ok to look for general interest but try to stay away from too many specifics until you get to learn and grow in this sector of veganism. 

Environmental: This is a very interest outline to begin your journey on, simply because every species on earth participates in the benefit of our healthy environment so if you decide that this is your starting point then prepare yourself for TONS of data and research. Everywhere you go you will have environmentalist, Green planet promotors and other Gaia lovers who still aren't aware of the Environmental implications that you have become aware of. My suggestion is to find common grounds, bring forth data and prepare for bias objectives from all types of people, usually fighting their own Ego identified as an Environmentalist. 

As always please reach out if you have any question HERE